Take Time for Yourself

So many times we go through life without even thinking about ourselves.  We are so caught up in the world around us and everything that we need to do for that day or week, that we forget that our bodies, our minds, our souls, ourselves, need that same attention sometimes if not more. Today I was able to finally experience that after having such a tiring, long, not knowing what will happen month.  So I’m going to share that with you today. Liam woke up at 7:30 AM in the morning like he normally does, and I thought he was going to stay awake, so as normal I walk downstairs, into his room, change his pants, give him his drink, give him a hug and get him ready to get out of his crib; however to my surprise he didn’t want to get out, he wanted to lay back down, so I took this as a way where I could just relax for myself.  I put on his movie, which at the time was Madagascar and left the room.  I went back upstairs and decided to go back to sleep for a little bit.  Now I always have the baby monitors on…one in my living room that is extremely close to his room, and one in our room and they are both on and turned up, so I can hear everything.  At around 10:30 AM he was finally ready to get up, so I went back downstairs, got him up, gave him a shower, got him dressed and ready for the day.  Then I fed him breakfast, gave him his drink, and let him play.  By this time it’s around 11:30 AM so I decided that it’s my turn.  I go ahead and get myself ready and just relax.  Now this may seem a little bit annoying to some of you, but the point of this is, I took time for myself today.  I didn’t rush anything.  I was able to take time just for once not be in a hurry about getting myself and my son ready for the day. My day in return was amazing.  I made myself some tea, ate breakfast and just spent some quality mother son time with my child.
This being said:  taking time for yourself is so important.  There are so many benefits for taking time for yourself.  I decided to look up some things and according to this website:; it says that when you take (me time) it can have psychological and physiological benefits.  So being that I was a psychology major for my bachelors and that I’m now doing my masters in healthcare, this basically means that by taking a break, and just relaxing or taking time out of your day to just do something you enjoy, you will in turn be a lot happier and healthier. Having (me time) is doing what you want to do that is only for yourself…for example…if you like to sketch or draw, then do that, if you love taking walks but you haven’t been able to take one, then take one.  Whatever you love to do, make sure you make time to do it at least once a week.  Life is to be enjoyed, cherished and memorable…it’s not all about work…and if you look at life like something that you could lose in any minute, then it will make it easier to look at (me time) like that too.  So here is some inspiration for your (me time):
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 Google images
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It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, love yourself, make yourself a priority and be happy.  It’s ok to let everyone know that you are going to take a few minutes to just do something for yourself.  You are allowed to be happy, and part of being happy is taking care of your mind, body, soul, and spirit.   You can not truly be happy and healthy, if those four areas of yourself are not met. 
Question to answer:
What are ways that you take time for yourself? Comment below with your answer

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