You can always find a flower, in a large pile of grass

Sometimes we get caught up in always being perfect.  We get caught up in always making sure we don’t lose our focus, or to not just be happy for the things that make us happy.  We lose our focus, and when we do that, we start to feel like happiness will never come to us.  It’s like we are searching in a pile of grass for a flower or a sign and we never seem to find it.  But, I’m here to tell you that “You can always find a flower, in a large pile of grass.”  What I mean by this, is if you just keep looking, keep searching, try and find some peace within your crazy life, you will find the happiness that you have been looking for, and that flower that you thought you couldn’t see, will be right in front of you.  It is so freeing when you finally find that happiness you have always been looking for…your soul is finally free…you can be who you want to be and continue to feel happy and enjoy the life that you have finally found.  Find your flower…find your happiness.


6 thoughts on “You can always find a flower, in a large pile of grass

    • I’m glad it helped you 🙂 Sometimes we just need to really sit down, shut all our electronics off and realize that we can find beauty in everything. It’s not just about us all the time, sometimes it’s just about noticing the other things around us and being reminded of all of that.


    • Exactly. I was sick all day today, so I just watched my toddler play and enjoyed his company. No matter how loud he was or how many times he said “mom” LoL or whatever, I just enjoyed playing with him and watching him play. And it really made me realize that I don’t do that enough and he deserves it. I’m so blessed to be his mom and that may be a little thing to someone or it maybe something that a lot of moms do, but all of us who just don’t always have the time, it’s nice when it comes in odd ways like being sick LOL


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