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3 Killer Secrets to a Happier Morning

3 killer secrets

So we all know that mornings suck right.  We are comfy under our blankets, we may have stayed up too late the night before or we are just not morning people.  Well, today I’m going to share my  3 SECRETS to having a happier morning.


1 Make your bed.

      So you will be surprised as to how happy and satisfying it is to make your bed.  It gets you energized, you feel like your room is clean even if it’s not, and hey you just did something that you probably didn’t want to do, but you did.  CONGRADULATIONS..YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO A HAPPIER MORNING. 🙂

2 Listen or read something inspirational.

           -Something I love doing is listening to podcasts in the morning.  They get me ready for the day, they have inspirational things to them that they may talk about, and I can get ready and do chores and feel good about my day.  

3 Give yourself a motivational pep talk.

         -So yes, talking to yourself can feel weird and you may  get funny looks, but hey it works right. 🙂  Tell yourself that you are going to do great today, or that no matter what bad things happen you are going to smile, or tell yourself “hey I look pretty today.” Whatever your pep talk is, make sure it motivates you to have a great day and get out of that bed!


Leave a comment below telling me which one you like the best or what do you use to have a happier morning.


Learn to let go and Accept what you can not Change

Learn to let goAccept what cannot beCHANGED!!

So there have been times when I just feel like “why should I try?”  Why am I putting in the effort if I can’t change it? And in my life, the past few years, it has always been me trying to change something or someone because I’m hurt or because I have hope that things will turn out differently.  But the reality of it is that sometimes things don’t turn out the way that you want and you just have to let go.  I’m going to share a personal story and I hope that it can resonate with one of you.

Personal Story:

 I have family members who I’ve always wanted to be a part of my son’s life.  When I was about 2 or 3, my biological father died, and my biological mother didn’t want me; therefore when I was about 4 I was adopted by this wonderful family who have loved me from day one.  But in my mind, I have always wanted a different type of relationship for my son.  I’ve always wanted him to have a close relationship with his whole family, grandparents included.  Well once I met my husband, I’ve started to notice that some family members just didn’t like me and it hurt for a long time because I couldn’t understand.  I’ve never experienced that type of hurt before and I’m still afraid to talk to them about it because if I do, then they will know how I feel, and possibly judge me even more.  Anyway, because my son is so young, I wanted him to have a great relationship with his whole family and once I realized that the one side of the family didn’t really want much to do with him, I have decided to stop trying.  I’ve started to ask myself “why am I putting in so much effort to get them to know my son and to spend time with him because they are family if they really don’t want anything to do with him?” I have now come to the realization and understanding that I’ve tried my best, and now it’s up to them.  I have to let go of the fact that they don’t want to be apart of his life, and accept it even if it hurts me, and learn to just live my own life without feeling regret that I didn’t try hard enough.  

My thoughts to you:

That’s what I want you all to know is that your life is your life, and you can only try for so long before it’s time to let it go, accept that you cannot change it and move on.  I don’t want my son around family or anyone who doesn’t really care alot about him or who has a negative impact on his life.  He doesn’t need that at such a young age and neither do you.  You deserve to surround your kids, your family and yourself with positive people, and if you have people in your life that just don’t bring you joy, accept it, let them go and move on.  If something has happened in your life, that you wish didn’t happen, accept the fact that you cannot change it, let it go, and look on the brighter side of things and figure out how you can make things better.  It’s about your happiness and your life and realizing that you are not perfect, life will take you through hurdles, but you can jump over them and move on.


Question of the day:

Is there something or someone in your life, that you have had to Learn to let go, accept and move on from?  Please share your answers, and share this post with anyone who you feel needs to hear this today.  Have a wonderful day 🙂




5 Unbelievable Uses for Essential Oils

Hello everyone and welcome back to another “it is well, with my soul,” blog post.  Today we are going to talk about essential oils.  I love essential oils.  I’ve always heard about them and their benefits but I wanted to try them for myself.  Did you know that essential oils are great for natural healing and more?  They can be used for so many things, and I’m going to share 5 uses for them today.


5 Unbelievable usesfor Essential Oils!


  1. Bug or pest repellent.

  2. Perfume

  3. Peace or calming spirit

  4. Cleaner

  5. Air freshener


More of description:

  • Did you know that spiders hate the smell and taste of essential oils? Yup, just take a spray bottle with lavender, peppermint or even vinegar, and dump a few drops into a spray bottle, add water, and spray where they come in.  We had a huge spider problem in the apartment we moved into, so we made this and sprayed all the windows, the doors, the bedding, the floor, everywhere, and so far we have not seen too many.  So there you go, something that won’t really harm someone and something that isn’t really a chemical.

  • They are great as a perfume.  If you don’t have a perfume handy, but you have an essential oil, put some drops on your wrists and neck, and you are good to go.

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Well, I do sometimes, and something I love to do is spray some lavender essential oil around me or where I’m going to be, and I instantly feel calmer.

  • Don’t want to use a chemical for cleaning? Well just use some lemon or tea tree essential oil, with a few drops of water, or a half of thing of water, and spray and clean.

  • Want your space to smell fresh but not filled with all that extra fragrance?  Take your favorite essential scent, with a spray bottle, and do the normal…add drops to water, and spray your area.  It will smell so good and hey you may feel at peace as well.

All of these I have tried and they really work.  So I encourage you all to try them and see what happens.


Question of the day:

What essential oils do you like? If you haven’t tried any, would you be willing to try some?

Have a lovely day 🙂

Eliminate stress and memory loss with a “To Do List”

Do you ever find yourself forgetting important things?  Do dates, times and places seem to fly away somewhere even though you know there was something you had to do?  Do you sometimes say to yourself “Now I know I needed to do something or make a phone call today but I can’t remember what?  I know I do and if you answered yes to any of these questions, then I know you do too.  Something that I love doing is making a “To Do List.”  I’m going to list 3 reasons why you should use a “To Do List.”

3 Benefits Not signed in



  1. They help you remember things easier.

  2. Your mind is not running wild with things you need to do because you already wrote them down.

  3. Lastly, once you check off everything you feel that much better and you can do things you enjoy.

Question of the week:

Do you use a “To Do List?”

7 Benefits from Drinking Tea

As a tea lover, I’m always interested in learning how tea can help me.  I’m not a huge fan of coffee, so I need a little pick me up each day.  Today I will share 7 benefits of drinking tea.  Here we go: IMG_1106

1) Tea contains antioxidants…helps keep us young

2) Tea has less caffeine than coffee. This means that you can drink it, get that burst of energy that you need, but don’t get the jitters that coffee gives you.

3) Tea can help lower cholesterol

4) Peppermint tea and herbal teas can help with digestion, stop bloating, and get rid of stomach issues

5) Green tea helps with slower aging…don’t want those wrinkles…No we don’t. 

6) Reduces stress-sleepy time tea can help calm the body down so you can rest

7) Makes you happy-drinking green tea daily can improve your mood, reduce depression and make you happy.

Basically, tea makes you happy, and has so many benefits…who wouldn’t want to drink it? 🙂


Do you love tea? If so…what kinds do you like?