7 Benefits from Drinking Tea

As a tea lover, I’m always interested in learning how tea can help me.  I’m not a huge fan of coffee, so I need a little pick me up each day.  Today I will share 7 benefits of drinking tea.  Here we go: IMG_1106
1) Tea contains antioxidants…helps keep us young
2) Tea has less caffeine than coffee. This means that you can drink it, get that burst of energy that you need, but don’t get the jitters that coffee gives you.
3) Tea can help lower cholesterol
4) Peppermint tea and herbal teas can help with digestion, stop bloating, and get rid of stomach issues
5) Green tea helps with slower aging…don’t want those wrinkles…No we don’t. 
6) Reduces stress-sleepy time tea can help calm the body down so you can rest
7) Makes you happy-drinking green tea daily can improve your mood, reduce depression and make you happy.
Basically, tea makes you happy, and has so many benefits…who wouldn’t want to drink it? 🙂
Do you love tea? If so…what kinds do you like?

11 thoughts on “7 Benefits from Drinking Tea

  1. Although I love my 1 cup of coffee a day…I enjoy tea as well…I particularly love Kombucha which is fermented and made with black and green tea…also love peach tea:) Thanks for sharing the benefits of of tea..


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