5 Unbelievable Uses for Essential Oils

Hello everyone and welcome back to another “it is well, with my soul,” blog post.  Today we are going to talk about essential oils.  I love essential oils.  I’ve always heard about them and their benefits but I wanted to try them for myself.  Did you know that essential oils are great for natural healing and more?  They can be used for so many things, and I’m going to share 5 uses for them today.
5 Unbelievable usesfor Essential Oils!
  1. Bug or pest repellent.
  2. Perfume
  3. Peace or calming spirit
  4. Cleaner
  5. Air freshener
More of description:
  • Did you know that spiders hate the smell and taste of essential oils? Yup, just take a spray bottle with lavender, peppermint or even vinegar, and dump a few drops into a spray bottle, add water, and spray where they come in.  We had a huge spider problem in the apartment we moved into, so we made this and sprayed all the windows, the doors, the bedding, the floor, everywhere, and so far we have not seen too many.  So there you go, something that won’t really harm someone and something that isn’t really a chemical.
  • They are great as a perfume.  If you don’t have a perfume handy, but you have an essential oil, put some drops on your wrists and neck, and you are good to go.
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Well, I do sometimes, and something I love to do is spray some lavender essential oil around me or where I’m going to be, and I instantly feel calmer.
  • Don’t want to use a chemical for cleaning? Well just use some lemon or tea tree essential oil, with a few drops of water, or a half of thing of water, and spray and clean.
  • Want your space to smell fresh but not filled with all that extra fragrance?  Take your favorite essential scent, with a spray bottle, and do the normal…add drops to water, and spray your area.  It will smell so good and hey you may feel at peace as well.
All of these I have tried and they really work.  So I encourage you all to try them and see what happens.
Question of the day:
What essential oils do you like? If you haven’t tried any, would you be willing to try some?
Have a lovely day 🙂

14 thoughts on “5 Unbelievable Uses for Essential Oils

  1. This is very informative and helpful information – I never knew essential oils has so many great uses – love air fresheners because I work from home – and have dogs 🐶🐶and love the idea of calming and peaceful effects 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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