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My number 1 comfort item for being sick

Hi everyone and welcome back. It’s been a little bit because I have been sick…actually, my whole family has been sick and I haven’t been able to sleep at all.  If any of you have children then you know that sometimes when they get sick, sleep goes out the window.So for the past two weeks I have had this number 1 item that has been my go to for being sick.



What is your number 1 item that you have to have when you are sick? Share in the comments below.


Be quiet and learn to practice mindfulness


“As the ocean speaks when it is still, so will you learn… if you are quiet.”  Written by me: Marvina


Lately, I’ve been reading this book, as like my morning devotions.  I have found that when I wake up and make my bed and read it in the morning, it makes things easier as the day goes on.  My son and I have been sick with a cold, and it’s been really hard to really sit still and be ok with not doing anything, and just resting.  However today from my devotional, I was reminded that being still and being quiet, is what helps us learn and grow. There’s a verse in Psalm 23:2 which says “He makes me  lie in green pastures; he leads me beside the still waters.”  This verse reminds me of the word “Mindfulness.”  Mindfulness is being in the present moment, and not thinking about what will happen in the next hour or day or month or year.  When we focus on being quiet and being in the present, we are able to enjoy what is around us and who we are with more than if we were thinking of other things. I think so often we try and figure things out, and tell our kids to do this or that, and say that we need to clean the house or do the dishes, but our kids want us to play with them or our friends want us to go out with them…but we forget that if we just stay quiet and say “I deserve to enjoy time with my kids, or I deserve to go out with my friends and leave the house the way it is for an hour or two,” then we would be better off and may not be as stressed out.  This is something that I need to get better at and if you need to get better at this too, let me know in the comments below.


In the comments below, tell me what stood out to you the most after reading this.

Chit Chat with Vina

Chit ChatWith

Hi everyone.  First of all, thank you for the comments, they are amazing and I love hearing from all of you. You all have so much to say and it’s just amazing to me that people love reading about what I have to say.  I do hope that some of what I blog about really helps even one person. Today instead of doing a regular post I just want to chit chat. Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking my blog and figuring out how to start an Ebook or a book with it.  I think my thoughts really help people and can relate to so many people, and this blog has really taken off.  So I want to hear anyone’s thoughts on this.  As you know my blog is about health and wellness, and just discovering yourself and living a life that you love and create.

 So let me know your thoughts, comments if any of you would even read it or even purchase it if I decided to go down that route…I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but I just don’t know if anyone would be interested in it, so let me know.  Also, I know that some of you may wonder when I post…ok well that is still to be determined because I’m not sure I really have a set schedule yet.  There have been a lot of changes, and there will be more before I feel like I can post as often as I want, and I’m still trying to get this commenting schedule down as well.  For now, I’m going to comment when I can, but I will reply to each of your comments, and visit your blogs.  So thank you again for all of your comments.


Leave a comment answering one of these questions:

1) What do you all think about me turning this blog into an Ebook or a book or something like that?  Would any of you read it, or purchase, or if I could figure out how to do a podcast or something, would you listen?…let me know.

2) What do you love most about my blog?


Thank you for your comments, and I will reply to everyone one of you.