My number 1 comfort item for being sick

Hi everyone and welcome back. It’s been a little bit because I have been sick…actually, my whole family has been sick and I haven’t been able to sleep at all.  If any of you have children then you know that sometimes when they get sick, sleep goes out the window.So for the past two weeks I have had this number 1 item that has been my go to for being sick.



What is your number 1 item that you have to have when you are sick? Share in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “My number 1 comfort item for being sick

    • LOL…some green teas don’t taste that good. I also like regular tea or sleepytime tea…but I just bought this one, and it has really worked for being sick. But there are many different teas out there that work just as good. 🙂


  1. I’ll have to keep that in mind! I always turn to hot lemon water with honey. Also, soothing cough drops always make me feel better. Those zinc tablets do wonders, too! Sorry to hear your whole family was sick!

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