Discovering your self…Enjoying the Journey

Our journey may begin when we are born...but begins when we realize that we are human. We make mistakes...and we learn from them, we cry with each heartbreak or painful thing...but we get stronger...we laugh because we are happy, we go down the wrong path...but eventually we find the right one...we change our minds… Continue reading Discovering your self…Enjoying the Journey


Try and find the lesson in the situation

Hello my sweet friends.  Today I wanted to talk about life and finding the lesson in it.  Sometimes we get so worked up or stressed over a certain situation, that we can't look past the situation and realize that everything is going to be ok.  For me, it has been difficult because there are things… Continue reading Try and find the lesson in the situation


Live for you, NOT for others

Hello all my sweet friends.  It has been a hot minute since I have blogged.I took some time off of blogging because things just got busy.  I got a new job, I got a camera and I'm hoping that I can start posting videos on here or something, not sure if this will let me but… Continue reading Live for you, NOT for others