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Discovering your self…Enjoying the Journey

Our journey may begin when we are born…but individually…it begins when we realize that we are human. We make mistakes…and we learn from them, we cry with each heartbreak or painful thing…but we get stronger…we laugh because we are happy, we go down the wrong path…but eventually we find the right one…we change our minds a lot…until we don’t need to any longer…we love…so we can feel loved…we are on a journey on discovering who we are and who we want to be…our journey may begin when we are born…but it continues until we are happy and can say…I am who I want to be…the place where I’m at….is where I want to be…I’m happy with who I am and no one can make me think differentlyūüėÄbe happy…stay beautiful and true to yourself…be humble but insightful…be the best version of you that you can…enjoy the journey…because it’s yours…make your journey your masterpieceūüŹíūüĖĆyou-are-pic

Just some food for thought. ¬†Since I began this self awareness journey at the beginning of this year, I’ve really ¬†been realizing different things about myself and what I want to share with others. ¬† Let me know if this inspired you or made you think about your own life and your own journey. ¬†Til next time ūüôā

P.S….In the comments below, let me know what you want me to talk about on this blog…it can be about anything from sex, to marriage, to being in your young adult years, to having children, to anything….I’m accepting topics and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into this blog because I want this blog to expand and be more than just a health blog. I want it to inspire people and to feel free to talk about anything without judgement.



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Try and find the lesson in the situation


Hello my sweet friends. ¬†Today I wanted to talk about life and finding the lesson in it. ¬†Sometimes we get so worked up or stressed over a certain situation, that we can’t look past the situation and realize that everything is going to be ok. ¬†For me, it has been difficult because there are things in my life that are changing, and I am trying my hardest to balance it all out, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. ¬†However something that I started doing
was taking about an hour or two in the morning to do something that makes me happy. ¬†I’ve been listening to some sort of inspirational podcast, or video, and journaling in my gratitude journal. ¬†I’ve realized that I need to take time in the morning to remember God and remember why I need to be present in the morning. ¬†The lesson for me is that I need to be in the moment in order for me to feel calmer during the day. ¬†Everything happens for a reason and sometimes when you don’t think it is, that is when you need to calm down and figure out what the lesson is that you are needing to learn. ¬†Maybe you keep attracting the wrong guys in your life, or you keep getting the same result, but you are not changing anything…“well if you don’t figure out why you are ¬†unhappy or you don’t change the problem, things are never going to change for you. “

So maybe you want to lose weight, but you keep eating junk food, or you refuse to get up 10 minutes early to exercise, well if you don’t change it, then how can you get the result you want? ¬†So try and find the lesson in the situation, whether it’s a bad situation or a good situation…if you feel happier living alone, then maybe you need to think about living alone, or maybe you feel happier doing yoga each day, then maybe you need to incorporate that into your life…whatever it is, find the lesson and learn from it. ¬†What I want you to get from this is to “try and focus on yourself and be selfish, because you are allowed to be. ¬†You are allowed to make your life what you want, and if that’s the lesson that you need to learn, then awesome. ¬†Give yourself 101% of your full attention and learn who you are and what you want out of life. ¬†Learn the lessons in every situation; good or bad.”


Question of the day:

What is a lesson that you need to learn for yourself?

Live for you, NOT for others


Hello all my sweet friends. ¬†It has been a hot¬†minute since I have blogged.I took some time off of blogging because things just got busy. ¬†I got a new job, I got a camera and I’m hoping that I can start posting videos on here or something, not sure if this will let me but we will see and I’m just learning how to juggle everything because I am working such long hours and just dealing with LIFE girl! ūüôā ¬†Today I want to talk about “Living for you and NOT for others.”

This is something that I have struggled with because I’m a people-pleaser. ¬†I like to make people happy and when I don’t…it brings me down. ¬†Something I wrote in my journal last night, which I have started to do this again…is that:” I have to learn to not let other’s opinions control my emotions. ¬†I have nothing to gain from it. ¬†There is no point in putting emotional energy into other’s opinions because nothing good comes from it and NOTHING bad will happen to me if I block out the negativity!” ¬†I did this in the beginning of the year, but I have fallen from it as the year progresses because of everything that has happened. ¬†But I should live for myself and not for others. ¬†If I want to wear those hot pink boots, then I should wear them and I shouldn’t care if others don’t like them because I like them. ¬†If I want to have my child eat vegetables everyday, then I should do that and not care what others think. ¬†You live for you and you do you girl. ¬†Everyone has their own opinions, and you are not going to make everyone happy because it’s just not possible. ¬†So that’s what I wanted to share today because that is a challenge for me and I’m still going through this journey of learning who I am, what I want and how to be a happy person inside and hopefully it will show on the outside. ¬†We have to remember that this is our life, and we have to live it for us and what makes us happy.



What is something that you need to work on regarding  yourself?  What steps are you taking to overcoming that challenge?