Live for you, NOT for others


Hello all my sweet friends.  It has been a hot minute since I have blogged.I took some time off of blogging because things just got busy.  I got a new job, I got a camera and I’m hoping that I can start posting videos on here or something, not sure if this will let me but we will see and I’m just learning how to juggle everything because I am working such long hours and just dealing with LIFE girl! 🙂  Today I want to talk about “Living for you and NOT for others.”

This is something that I have struggled with because I’m a people-pleaser.  I like to make people happy and when I don’t…it brings me down.  Something I wrote in my journal last night, which I have started to do this again…is that:” I have to learn to not let other’s opinions control my emotions.  I have nothing to gain from it.  There is no point in putting emotional energy into other’s opinions because nothing good comes from it and NOTHING bad will happen to me if I block out the negativity!”  I did this in the beginning of the year, but I have fallen from it as the year progresses because of everything that has happened.  But I should live for myself and not for others.  If I want to wear those hot pink boots, then I should wear them and I shouldn’t care if others don’t like them because I like them.  If I want to have my child eat vegetables everyday, then I should do that and not care what others think.  You live for you and you do you girl.  Everyone has their own opinions, and you are not going to make everyone happy because it’s just not possible.  So that’s what I wanted to share today because that is a challenge for me and I’m still going through this journey of learning who I am, what I want and how to be a happy person inside and hopefully it will show on the outside.  We have to remember that this is our life, and we have to live it for us and what makes us happy.



What is something that you need to work on regarding  yourself?  What steps are you taking to overcoming that challenge?


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