Go out and change the world

Hello my sweet friends. Today I had a post already planned out and written, but the past couple of days, I have felt God telling me to speak about this.  Some of  you wanted to see more spiritual posts, and I will do more of them, but I really wanted to share this.
 Remember that even if you don’t like the way things are (example: the election results), we are not on this earth to judge. We are not on this earth to hate, or to make people feel lower than us. We are on this earth to be the hands and feet of God; to show the love that he has shown us countless times in our personal lives and in his word. We are his chosen people and he will fight our battles and bring us out of darkness. This world may be going bad, things may be hard but he is our protector, he fights our battles for us. We need to get out of our comfort zones, and go out and change someone’s life.  Even if all you do is say “hi,” or buy something for them or help them carry their bags, etc…that’s why we are here.
I have seen so many people upset about what has happened, but what are you doing about it?  How are you making a difference?  What are you doing that can help someone else or even help yourself or your family? So I encourage you… to go out and change the world 🌎inspire someone, encourage someone, help someone…send them an email saying how much you appreciate them, send them a facebook message saying hi or something that can make them smile today…but whatever you do…(Do everything in love.-1 Corinthians 16:14)… do it out of love ❤️for we are called to love not to hate. #lovenothate #inspire #encourage #1peter2:9
That’s all for today.
Question of the week:
What is one thing that you can do this week/ month that is encouraging, inspiring or helpful for someone else?  Let  me know in the comments below. 🙂
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14 thoughts on “Go out and change the world

  1. Great inspirational post. Just a recommendation to perhaps create more paragraphs/spacing 🙂 But my response to your question is that I can reach out to friends that I have not seen for awhile to ask them how they are doing and provide them encouragement.

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    1. Thank you I will keep that in mind. I’ve been so tired from my new job and all the hours I’m working that when I finally wanted to write a post, I was just writing. I’m glad you like it though and thanks for the suggestion 🙂


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