Keep your soul, mind and body healthy series

Hello my sweet sweet friends. So this is a new series that I’m going to start.  It will take about 3 posts to make sure that this is a good series.  As you know, you mind, body and soul are very important to you in different ways.  In this 3 part series, we will talk about all of these individually and go in depth why they are important and how they go hand in hand.  Today we are going to start with the body.  So lets get started shall we….
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Our bodies are very important.  It’s what we live in…and because of the importance, our bodies should be treated right.  Now I’m not going to go into bible scriptures about how we should keep our bodies pure because well, I’m not, but I will give you 3 tips of things you can do to help keep your bodies healthy.
  • Drink water. I know that you hear this all the time but drink water.  It’s really important because most of our body is made up of water. Different ways you can drink water…you can put fruit in it, you can put lemons in it, you can drink it plain…however you like it, make sure that you drink water.
  • Exercise/Stay active. This is also what you hear all the time but stay active.  The more active you are, the longer you will live, and the healthier your body will be.  We should be taking care of our bodies so that we can live longer.  Think about it, we only have this one body, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?
  • Pamper your body. This is so important too.   A lot of times, we keep going, and we never stop to just take care of ourselves. One way to do this is by doing a manicure or pedicure.  Another way of pampering yourself is by taking a bath, or watching a movie and relaxing.
    These ideas are just some ways on how you can take care of your body. Just take one day out of the week to reflect and take care  of  your body, not only just by drinking water and exercising but also by treating it like you could die tomorrow and wont’ get time to actually have that nice and relaxing feeling.
Challenge for this week: Think of a way that you love to take care of your body, whether that be by giving yourself a pedicure or manicure, taking a nice hot bath, exercising, watching a movie and giving your body a break from your busy week,give yourself a facial, have your boyfriend or husband give you a massage, etc…whatever it might be…do one thing to take care of your body this week. Once you have chosen what  you are going to do…hold  yourself accountable by telling a friend, a coworker, a family member…and make sure you do it. Remember…your body is important and you only have one, so treat  it right.

12 thoughts on “Keep your soul, mind and body healthy series

  1. Love the idea behind this. I have been working hard to take better care of myself. Emotionally and physically. I’ve been getting back into the gym and meditation. I also have been rocking bubble baths like crazy.

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