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Importance of worship


Hello my sweet sweet friends.  I’m going to talk about something that is important to me as a Christian and I feel that others could relate to.

disclaimer…if this is not your cup of tea…it’s ok…feel free to not read or go and read my many other non christian posts…however…if you choose to comment, please no disrespectful comments.  I’m saying this because this is not a place for that, if you have a different belief than me or anyone else…keep it to yourself…or comment in a way that is respectful to everyone.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to know more about this…keep reading….


Worship is important. I just want to share what God taught me this morning in my quiet time with him and maybe this can be a comfort to someone out there. How many times do we go through life and forget about God? (Ref. Revelations 2:4) The one who created us, the one who first loved us? God should be the first person on our minds everyday…but is he? I’m guilty of this too. We go through life and just forget him…we download the next best app or we download the Bible on our phones instead of going into his word directly..we ask a computer call Siri for everything but we don’t ask God… why? I want to change that in my life…do you? Are you forgetting God in your life? You know…We need to long for him…we need to be humbled and give him our full attention each day. Even if it’s for 5 minutes…dive into his word, meditate on what he’s done for you, (ref. psalm 143:5), pray if you are hurting, pray for those who are hurting….worship him, he will meet you where you are. 🙏🏾and as we do this, as we fill our minds and lives with his presence…let people see his love through us. We are created to worship, we are his sheep and he is our shepherd…as we worship him, as we hear his voice…as we seek him…we follow…we allow him to direct our lives and to bring us peace.


I hope this meant something to someone.   I do have a post coming about toxic people and learning from them…but I need to do something before I can do that…if you want to read about something, let me know.


My top 3 ways to make Quiet time for your soul-Part 3 of the Mind, body and Soul series

Hello my sweet sweet friends. Hello anyone who is new reading my blog, hello all who love reading my blog and are returning for another inspiring post. How has everyone’s week been so far?  Mine hasn’t been so bad.  I have a sick little boy, and we still have our winter weather, but other than that, things are going really well. So we have talked about the mind and the body, and today we are going to talk about the last part of this series…the soul.

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I’m going to be real with you all, this part was really hard for me.  I just was not sure what I wanted to say about your soul…so it took me until today to write this last part of the series.  But I’m going to share my top 3 ways to make quiet time for your soul. Hopefully  as you all read this, you can look at  your life and maybe deciding whether you need to make time to quiet your soul.

1) Journal or bible journaling-I have this journaling bible.  I got it off amazon about a few months ago. At  first it was just something that I liked because it was new and I thought it was cool but then it started changing me. It was like this light turned on in my soul and I just started craving it. I wanted to take my colored pencils, my highlighters, my stickers, all of my craft supplies and create a picture of the scriptures I read.

As I started to do this, I noticed how much I loved it and needed it in my life. I would sit down after my son went to school or when he went to bed, put on some music, and light a candle and I would spend quite time not only with God but also with my soul. Going back to my childhood years and being creative while also emerging myself in the word.

Now maybe you feel this isn’t for you and that’s ok. The point of this story is that you  need to fill your soul with what makes you happy. Journaling works the same way as does studying the Bible. 

2) Meditate-I have talked about mediation before on my blog but again this is a great way to have quiet time with your soul. It’s a way to remove the distractions from your mind for a few minutes and focus on the now.

3) Read– reading is great for the soul. It just takes your mind and soul to a different place and you don’t have to think about any problems or concerns you have. You can read, go into another world and educate your soul. 

Now I can’t tell you what will make your soul happy, that is something you need to find and discover on your own. You will know what that something is, because you will crave it and you will feel happy when you do it.

I hope this made sense and that this series made you think. I also hope that you find what makes your soul leap, shine,sparkle….happy.


So those are my top 3 ways to make quiet time for your soul. In the comments below, what are ways that you make quiet time for  your soul?

Keep your soul, mind and body healthy series Part 2: Your Mind…

Hello my sweet friends. Last week we talked about your body and how it’s important to keep it healthy.  Our bodies are what we live in, and unless you are a cat, you only have one life which means you only have one body.  We talked about different ways you can keep your body healthy.  This week we are going to talk about our minds.  As you all know, you kind of need your minds/brains…right?  I mean you are supposed to use your mind or your brain your entire life; from the time you get school age, to well the time you really don’t need to use it any more.  Our minds are a crucial part of our bodies, so it only makes sense to make sure that it is healthy, so that you can do all that you need to do. Today we are going to talk about 3 main ways that you can keep your mind healthy.  Keep in mind, these are my thoughts, if you have any other thoughts on this; please share in the comments below.


                   3 tips to keep your mind healthy

  • Think positive.  Positivity can really change the way you look at life.  I know people don’t believe this, but it is true.  When I am having a bad day, if I look at something with a positive outlook, it helps me see things clearer and it makes me feel better.  It gives me hope in a way…and in some instances; I think that if you have hope, it can really help you stay sain.  It is like if you are in the hospital for cancer, if someone tells you that it will be ok or that you are going to live to see your children get married or your children have children, it gives you that bit of hope that maybe you needed.  Its helping you think positive even though you are going through a horrible and painful time in your life.

  • Get rid of the negatives’ around you. This goes with the first tip, you need to get rid of the negative people or things that are making you sad, however you also should embrace the negative people around you. (I will write another post about this) Having negative people or things around you can bring your mood down, and if you are in pain or in a hospital with an illness or you are recovering from something, you don’t need people telling you that it will never get better or this is your life so get used to it or whatever.  You want people to bring you up and make you feel like you can get through anything.  Another way to do this is to go through your social media and delete the negative people or send them a message about how you are feeling that way they know.   

  • Read a positive book and soak it in. Reading can really help your mind.  It can one: make you smarter, but also make your mind relax and be at peace.  Being sucked into a good book, whether fiction or nonfiction is just a great thing to be in.  Grab a snack and a drink, set the mood and read.  People don’t need to know why you are doing it or why you’re reading the book you chose, you just need to realize that it’s ok.

Your mind is so important and when you realize how important, then you can start to see what you need to do to keep it healthy.

Challenge for this week:

Pick an activity, that can be good for your mind. Maybe it’s journaling, reading, meditating, doing yoga, sending a positive message to 1 person each day next week,etc…whatever you choose…do it for that whole week. See if your mind is relaxed, renewed…when the week is over…reflect…ask your friends and family if they saw a difference in you…have you seen a difference in yourself?  Is your mind…less cluttered and more clear?

Remember: “Where a mind goes, a man follows” Proverbs 23:7