Importance of worship

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  I’m going to talk about something that is important to me as a Christian and I feel that others could relate to.
disclaimer…if this is not your cup of tea…it’s ok…feel free to not read or go and read my many other non christian posts…however…if you choose to comment, please no disrespectful comments.  I’m saying this because this is not a place for that, if you have a different belief than me or anyone else…keep it to yourself…or comment in a way that is respectful to everyone.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
If you would like to know more about this…keep reading….
Worship is important. I just want to share what God taught me this morning in my quiet time with him and maybe this can be a comfort to someone out there. How many times do we go through life and forget about God? (Ref. Revelations 2:4) The one who created us, the one who first loved us? God should be the first person on our minds everyday…but is he? I’m guilty of this too. We go through life and just forget him…we download the next best app or we download the Bible on our phones instead of going into his word directly..we ask a computer call Siri for everything but we don’t ask God… why? I want to change that in my life…do you? Are you forgetting God in your life? You know…We need to long for him…we need to be humbled and give him our full attention each day. Even if it’s for 5 minutes…dive into his word, meditate on what he’s done for you, (ref. psalm 143:5), pray if you are hurting, pray for those who are hurting….worship him, he will meet you where you are. 🙏🏾and as we do this, as we fill our minds and lives with his presence…let people see his love through us. We are created to worship, we are his sheep and he is our shepherd…as we worship him, as we hear his voice…as we seek him…we follow…we allow him to direct our lives and to bring us peace.
I hope this meant something to someone.   I do have a post coming about toxic people and learning from them…but I need to do something before I can do that…if you want to read about something, let me know.

18 thoughts on “Importance of worship

  1. It’s so beautiful to see the myriad ways that others connect with their source. I love that you take 5 minutes a day to engage with God and show gratitude.

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  2. love this! We have four kids and we try to model worship constantly. At first, I thought I was doing it to “lead my kids.” Really, I learned I was doing it for myself cause I cant lead my children, be a good wife or really anything without being filled! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You are welcome…And I love that you are teaching your kids about worship. My son loves to play with my piano and dance and I think in his own toddler way that is a form of worship…who am I to say he can’t do that? Thanks for sharing that.


  3. thank you for such a timely reminder. Its true that we ask computer but we don’t ask God. I am reminded to do my morning prayer and quiet time to worship Him.

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  4. I make worship and connection with God priority every morning because it totally lifts me and gets me centered for the whole day. I’m much worse off without it.

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