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Update: why there hasn’t been blog posts

Hello everyone, so this is going to be an update because i feel that I just haven’t been on my game and it’s really sad to me and I miss blogging and talking to all of you.  First of all, I want to thank all of you who have been reading my posts, who have gotten something out of them, who have been following me even when I don’t posts…You all are so amazing.  I’ve been super tired and it’s been challenging…anyway, lets just get into all of this.



1.) I’ve been stressed out to the max.  We recently got a puppy…a Pomeranian husky, around 12 weeks old…and I had no idea how much work they would be to even train them. I also had no idea I would be the one taking care of him even though I wanted to wait to get a puppy.  We’ve had to put some money down and we are renting.  So my stress level is to the the max with trying to figure out how to train a puppy who destroys everything, follows me around, etc  My toddler is afraid of him, and we just got a muzzle to hopefully teach him not to bite.  On top of that, my toddler has been getting sick left and right, like usual so it’s been hard for me to try and keep him from not getting sick, and I’m working all the time with like very little sleep.  Trying to get on my computer is almost impossible since I have just about no time to myself anymore.  I’m really sorry for the lack of posts, because of all this, I just have lost my inspiration and sanity and I’m trying to figure out how to get it all back.  If any of you have suggestions, let me know lol.

2.)  Also, I’m trying to figure out if I want to upgrade and have my own website or start a business or both…I’ve really been wanting to do that for a long time, but haven’t been willing to spend the money to do that, so if any of you have any good tips or ideas on having a website or starting your own business or even having no support and all and how you decided to do it, or anything like that let me know because I want my own website, I love talking about self-development, self-awareness, health, yoga, all of that stuff and I love sharing my experiences, tips and everything with all of you.  My husband doesn’t believe in the whole having your own business, website, anything so I’m on my own in all of this…I have no support from anyone,they all think it’s a waste of money and time and no one really succeeds in doing that so any encouragement or help or tips would be amazing 🙂  I don’t have many followers but I haven’t been blogging consistently either so that is ok with me and very understandable, and will come in time I know.

3.) Topics…are there any topics you would like me to talk about?  Anything that you would love me to just discuss, maybe have like a daily theme or something?  I’m trying to come up with inspiration as well…just want to add you guys in the loop and see how my audience felt about what you wanted to see on my blog.

That’s it for now…hope you all have an amazing week and I will hopefully have a post up soon…God willing 🙂