It’s ok to take a break and breathe

Hello everyone…long time…I’ve missed you all!! So as some of you may know I took a break and I’m so happy I did.  I just really needed time to myself without blogging…I needed to focus on my family and friends and I’m glad I did.  So that is what today’s topic is going to be about because I feel alot of people are doing this, and some people are just making a fuss about it.  Ok here we go….
Take a Break
It’s ok to take a break and breathe.  I know some people feel like once you start something, you have to continue it everyday….but that is not true.  If you need a break from something to focus on yourself or whatever it is….take it.  Also for everyone who has understood why I took a break, thank you so much….I feel like the people who read my blog are really sincere amazing people and I love you all so much 🙂  Taking a break from something does not mean that you are weak, or stupid or anything like that, it just means that you need a break.  You need to take that time for yourself and that is ok.  In my opinion, I feel that it’s so important to take the time for yourself, and if what you are doing is just not making you happy, then you need to take that break and breathe. Just think about oceans…you know they have those waves that crash against the rocks, but then they take a break, and the ocean is calm and refreshing…that’s what our minds need to be like.
Ok so… Guys you have no idea how much I wanted to blog, but couldn’t because my mind needed that time to breathe and think and relax…but I am back now…inspired and just ready to create some great content for you all.
Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is “becoming a life coach.”  I have my bachelors in Psychology and my masters in health care administration, but through this blog, I’ve realized I love helping others and motivating others to live the life they want and deserve by first taking care of themselves and finding out who they are so that they can live that amazing life.  I’m not sure how to go about that, because I know that you have to get a certification…(correct me if I’m wrong, if anyone knows anything about this.)…I might also take my blog posts and make youtube videos with them as well, just to try it out. So that is it for now…I’ve also been decluttering so much that I’m in love with decluttering LOL.
Hope you all have an amazing day and weekend…and that your life is filled with beauty, hope and encouragement 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s ok to take a break and breathe

  1. I’m glad you took the time to look out for yourself! We have a lot in common 🙂 I have my BA in psych and an working towards being a life coach as well. I cant wait to read about your journey

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