All About You

Hey this will be really short….Just to let you all know…that 1: I will be posting…just been super busy…my toddler will be out of school in a week or two…I’m starting to potty train him…I’ve been working insane hours because I work with disability adults so I’ve been working every time they ask me to work and also we are in the process of decluttering our entire apartment, so I’ve had my hands full…and this is the third day without sleep…so sorry for the lack of posts, as soon as I balance things out…it will all be back to normal.


Take a Break (1)

Also…for today’s post….I would appreciate it if any of you could do three things for me:


In comments

  1. Tell me one thing how my blog posts have helped you…if they have?

  2. Tell me one topic you would want to see me talk about on this blog.

  3. If I were to write an e book about self reflection, self awareness and being mindful…having going through this process myself…would anyone be interested in reading it?  This is one question you don’t have to answer if you don’t want too…just getting some ideas down in my head.

I love you all so much….thank you for your support…and can’t wait to write more posts soon!!!! 🙂


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