Think about what YOU want

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  Hope you are having a great weekend….mine is spent sick and packing for our trip to Disneyland this coming week.  So today’s topic has to do with YOU. As some of you may know I just read a book called Note to Self and it was amazing. Because that book was so amazing, I’ve decided to try and base my posts around that book with some of my own thoughts and ideas…so here we go.
How many of you think about what you want?  How many moms out there think about what you want?  When you become a parent, it becomes all about  your kids and I know because I am a mom.  When you live with your parents, it is usually not about you.  When you are with your significant other, you can’t always think about what you want…however that should change.
Thinking about what YOU want is important to your everyday mental state.  You need to make sure that you put yourself first sometimes.  It’s not a selfish thing to think about YOU sometimes.  For example…lets say you want to be an artist, but your parents really want you to be a doctor…what do YOU want?  You can’t always put your parent’s thoughts first, you will eventually have to decide for yourself what you want out of life, in a relationship, what type of person you want to be with, etc…You just need to and there is nothing wrong with that.  Knowing what you want, is what can really make you happy.
So that is all for today’s post.  I hope that someone got something out of this and you just remember that it is ok to put yourself first sometimes.
Question for the weekend:
Have you ever put yourself first…if so when was it…how did it feel?

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