4 Reasons why Self-Care is a Practice

self care and people wanting to just get their mind, body and souls in check…but what people forget to tell you is that self care is a practice, just like anything else.   Today we will be discussing self care and why I feel it’s a practice first, before anything else. Let’s get started.
 Untitled design (6)Start small.   Self care is a practice, and when you practice anything, you want to start small right.  If you want to be a runner, you are not going to just jump right and in and do a marathon…unless you are that ambitious lol…but no, you are going to start small, maybe run around you town, or run a mile or something, something to just get you into it and not overwhelm or hurt you.  Self care is the same thing.  You want to start small and just ease yourself into.  If you are not the type of person to take time for yourself, this may be hard, so start small and work your way up.
Untitled design (7) Do it over and over and over again until you are good at it.  With the concept of starting small, you want to keep doing it over again, until you are good at it.  This is so you can see the progress you are making each time you do it.  You may not see a huge progress if you do it once, and then stop, you have to continue to do it, so you can continue to grow and see the progress you are trying to attain. 
Untitled design (8) Don’t feel guilty.  You don’t or shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time out for yourself once a day or once a week.  To be honest, I don’t feel it’s right for someone to get upset with you for putting your health (which includes, the mind, body and soul) first.  Something that I started doing this year, is if I need time for myself and my husband wants to spend time with me, I tell him, I need some time for myself, and once I’m done, I will spend time with him.  
It might sound selfish to some people, but it’s something I have to learn to do because I do get stressed easily and I do have high anxiety, so I need that time; and sometimes, you know, I do feel guilty, but I have to learn that my health comes first. You have to learn to be alright with putting yourself first sometimes, and no one has the right to tell you that it’s not ok. Your health is important and you, your friends and family will benefit from you having a peace of mind.
Untitled design (9)My #1 basic form of self care-SLEEP.   We all need 8-10 hours minimum of sleep, even if we feel we can do everything with getting little sleep and lots of coffee (believe me guys, I’ve tried that in the past two weeks, and last night my body just shut down and I had to go to bed early).  Guys, caffeine only works for so long and then you crash.
 Even if you have a lot of caffeine or energy drinks or whatever, eventually your body is going to just shut down because it’s tired.  So try your best to get enough sleep each day, even if it’s telling your spouse that you are just so tired, that you need to take a 2-3 hour nap or if you are a teen mom (or dad), seeing if you have a friend or a relative who could watch your child(children) so that you can get sleep.  Your health will benefit from the sleep you get.
Self-Care is a journey, an investment and a practice within yourself
Self-Care (2)
The purpose of self care is to take some time to put your own needs before others.  To give yourself down time, to think, to take time to reset your mind, body and soul.  Self care in an investment, a practice, and a journey.  Invest the time into yourself because you deserve it and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. 
Question for the week:
I love the concept of self-care being a practice first before anything else, what do you all feel about this concept?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Self-Care is a Practice

    1. Haha…yes I have realized that…hence why these comments are soo late…I’m been stressed and exhausted and needed to sleep and relax. Great comment though…Love hearing all of these comments and support 🙂


  1. I totally agree that sleep is a such a huge part in my self-care goals! I also really try to keep up with meditating since I know it makes such a difference, but sometimes I dont feel like it! ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is…it makes a huge difference if you can just take 5-10 minutes to just do something for yourself. It’s so hard but it’s so worth it…I’m a mom and a wife and I work outside of the home and I do this blog, so I know it can be really hard 🙂


    1. Awesome 🙂 My big thing is spending time with God, and this weekend my son spent time with my parents and I realized I needed God time like really bad because I’ve been so stressed, I’ve been sick and exhausted from work, mom life, wife life and life in general…so I spent 2 days in and out with God…it just felt so good to really focus on him again…and I realized,,,I need that…Obviously I do meditate and yoga and read and all of that…but God my #1 priority and I need to make him that…may not be everyone’s cup of tea or coffee…and that is fine for me…but I needed it. Having a great breakfast and meditating is amazing too 🙂 Great comment!


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