How To Organize Your Life In a Month Series

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  How have all of you been.  We are going to have an organizing your life series talk because God knows I need it, and I’m sure someone else can use some helpful tips as well.  Now before we begin, I know that i have been a little MIA these past few months and honestly I just needed a break.  I finally have it to where I’m ready to pick this back up again, I decided to do that with a series.  This is just an introduction about what the series will consist of.  There are going to be a number of tips to help you all, including myself, get back on track with our lives.  These are to help you feel less stressed and more on top of your game.
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As parents, students, employees, etc…we get caught up in life and sometimes the things in life can make it so things are thrown off and things get messy. For me, life has been hectic.  I’ve felt uninspired, unmotivated and just a little bit sad.  I turned 28 at the beginning of September and I’ve been just doing a re-evaluation of my life because I feel that uncertain with how I want my life to turn out.  I want to do yoga atleast twice a week, and I want to read and I want to spend more time with my child and to spend more time with God, and I just feel I haven’t been able to do that in such a long time. I feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day and I feel so unorganized. 
Sometimes I feel so frustrated, sad and uncertain that I cry because I don’t know which direction my life needs to go.  So I need this series as much as the next person and my hope is that atleast someone will get something out of this, and that we will know ourselves just alittle bit better. This will be a series of tips that will be talked about through out the month. And since it is”Mental Health Awareness Week,” I will add in a little bit of mental health issue tips as they go with the topic.  Hope you all enjoy and lets have a great week and month 🙂
Please keep people in your prayers at all time.  As we know, something bad happened again, and I just want you to remember that prayer can help even if you feel like it doesn’t.  We may not know why things happen, but we do know that bad things will happen to good people; it’s not fair, or right but we just have to keep praying and never stop spreading the Love of God to the world.
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7 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Life In a Month Series

  1. I love this idea! And I completely understand where you’re coming from. I feel like when we re-evaluate our lives, it’s a sign of growth and wanting to learn more and grow as individuals. Can’t wait to see more!

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