Monday Motivation: Being Grateful

Hello my sweet sweet friends and welcome to today’s motivational Monday.  Today I’m going to share a song that I’m sure all of you know…and when you see the lyrics, you will see the reason why I’m sharing it…ok lets go.

Glorious by Macklemore

Chorus_I feel glorious, gloriousGot a chance to start againI was born for this, born for thisIt's who I am, how could I forget_I made it through the darkest part of the nightAnd now I'll


So, I love this song because when I listen to it, I think about how grateful I am.  You know, you should be grateful, you were able to wake up today, you should be grateful you have a place to sleep and clothes, etc.  I think sometimes we don’t remember how grateful our lives are because we are always on the go.  This morning, I was not feeling motivated at all.  I wasn’t feeling well, our kitchen sink was clogged, and our dishwasher isn’t working and my dog was annoying me, and it made me just not want to write this.  But then I listened to this song, which is not unusual because I feel music can be the best motivator, but I listened to this song and realized how grateful I am. 
Last night my husband got me some outfits and a movie, because we both will be working on valentines day, and it was so sweet.  I didn’t give myself a chance to feel grateful for the beauties of life…I was just upset with everything that was going wrong.  So basically, this year, learn to be grateful for what you have, for who is in your life that makes you happy, that can even be a pet.  Remember YOU got a chance to start again…Every day is a chance to start again…for a fresh start…Embrace it.


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Remember to stay inspired, empower others and live intentionally! 🙂

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