Chase after Progress…Not just Success

Hello my sweet sweet friends. I have so much to post about, and so much on my heart, but for the sake of this blog post, we are going to talk about progress and success.  How many of you strive on success?  How many of you work all the time, and always hear, “you work too much.”?  How many of you love money?  Well in order to have money, you need to be successful right?  No…that’s not necessarily true.  How many of you are truly happy with the success you have made? What would happen if you chased after progress instead of success?  Would you still be as happy?  Would you know the difference?  These are questions that I want you to think about as you read this post because you can have all the success in the world, but if you don’t see any progress…was it worth it?  If you  are not even happy…was it all worth it?

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Self development is about seeing the progress that you have made… right?  What if your self development is learning to save money so that you are not overwhelmed all the time?  What if your self development is getting a good job, climbing the ladder until you are at the top?  No matter what your self development process is, no matter what you want to accomplish, you should see progress.  Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe to you that will be a success…well in order to do that, you have to do all that is required and you need to keep track of your progress because you want to see progress.  You can be as successful as you want, but if you don’t see progress in it, what was the point?  My point to all these questions is that you want to chase after progress and not just success.  I say this because progress can be measured, can be seen, improved…but success…money, can not really be improved.  Yea you could have all the money in world, but is your mind on the right track….have you seen any improvement in anything?  Maybe your self development is improving your marriage, but you are so caught up in your job and earning money to get that bonus, that you neglect your marriage…was all the money worth it in the end?  Is your marriage any better?

I know this seems all over the place but if you can try and follow along, understand, that progress over success is… in my opinion… is so much better.  It truly can make you happy…unlike success…can still leave you empty.  You don’t want to feel empty in the end, you want to feel like you have accomplished something and you want to really feel like your life is all that you have dreamed of. Let’s chase progress, not just success.

Question of the day:

If you understand this post…great…but if you did understand it…let me know your thoughts on whether you think that chasing progress is just as important as chasing success, not as important, or you feel like it should be a balance?  Everything I write is my opinion, feel free to share your own thoughts on what I talked about.  I read all the comments and I reply to everyone.  Til next time 🙂


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Self care 101

Hello my sweet friends and welcome to a new year.  I can’t believe that we are in the year of 2017…that’s crazy right?  Well since we are in a new year, we are to talk about self care.  Self care is what I feel everyone needs in their life. You have to take care of yourself.  How can you take care of others, or your children or your family, if you, yourself are not physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally healthy?  How many of you feel that life seems to pass you by, and you just never have time in the day to do what you want?  How many of us get upset because we wanted to do this or that, but then by the end of the day, the one thing we wanted to do, we never got done?  So today we are going to talk about what self care is, and what it might look like for those introverts like me and all of those who are extroverts.

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Self care is basically a set of practices that you incorporate into your life to feel nourished.   It’s putting aside time to recharge in a way that is meaningful to you.  This can be in a way of spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.   This can mean different things to different people, but whatever works for you, is what works for you.  What might work for some people may not work for other people and that is ok.  So what does this like look for an introvert like myself?

So for introverts…self care might look a little like this:



    -devotional or some kind



  etc…anything where they can be alone, and can kind of recharge without a large crowd around.

For extroverts…this might look like:

     -going to a club

     -hanging out with a group of friends

      -having a party

etc…anything that includes lots of people, being social, things like that.

All of these are ok…it’s whatever works for you.  And a helpful thing to do is figure out whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

A rule of thumb to remember…When figuring out a self care plan..come up with 5 things…these things need to be things that can help you in that moment, or few hours…something or somethings to help calm you down and just relax your mind.

So here are mine:






Those are 5 things that I can do in a pinch if I really am stressed but I’m not home to actually sit and watch tv LOL.

So there you have it…everyone needs to take care of themselves…and invest time into taking care of themselves.


Question of the day:

What are your 5 things that you can do in a pinch if you are stressed, to take care of yourself?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

 And if you would like a helpful start, leave your email in your comment, and I will email you a free gift to help your self care start off on the right track.  Have a fabulous day 🙂

6 main things that 2016 has taught me

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  2016 was a year full of sadness but also happiness.  But one of the most important things for me was that it was about finding myself.  Learning who I am has really changed the way I think about different things.  Today I’m going to share 6 main things that 2016 taught me.  If you wish to know…..

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  1. Stand up for yourself.

  2. Happiness starts with you, not with someone else

  3. Finding yourself is the best journey ever!

  4. There may be bad days, but there is something positive in everyday

  5. Putting your all in something you are passionate about…will pay off in the end

  6. Have faith in God and let him lead your life, emotions, everything

  1. This year has taught me to stand up for myself.  Sometimes I can just let things go and be shy and not say what I’m really feeling, and that’s not good.  So this year has taught me that I need to stand up for myself and not let people walk all over me.  It’s a great feeling when you don’t let people walk all over you and you take pride in knowing who you are.

  2. This year I learned that happiness starts with me…not with someone else.  If I want to be happy, I have to do things that make me happy.  Fake it til I make it.  Learn what makes me happy and do it, and not care if others don’t like it.  When I do things that make me happy, then I feel good about myself and things just turn out ok.

  3. Finding myself was and still is an amazing journey.  I took this whole year to find myself.  Find out what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what I like, etc…and it and still is amazing.  I’ve learned more about myself than I have my whole life, and I can’t wait to continue this journey in 2017.  I’ve learned that other people’s opinions don’t matter.  As long as you are happy, then that is what matters.  The hard times I went through, the good times, were worth it and have made me a better person inside and out.

  4. There may be bad times, but there is something positive in everyday.  Things are going to happen, trials will come your way, but if you can say or write down one positive thing that happened that day, then you will see that there is a brighter side to the madness of your life. I’ve learned to just be grateful for one thing each day and by doing that, I’ve started to see that the sun will always through the clouds.

  5. Putting your all in something will pay off in the end.  This year I put my all in my blog and I love where it’s gone and where it is.  I love sharing self care, self reflection posts and encouraging content because I feel that it can really help someone.  I’m so grateful for the amazing comments I have been receiving and I do want to thank you all for making my blog amazing.  You all are apart of it. Everyone who comments, who reads, who shares, who follows or whatever, is apart of this blog and I couldn’t thank you all enough.  I love reading and replying to your comments and I can’t wait to see the  growth in 2017.

  6. Last I learned to continue to have faith in God and let him lead every part of my life.  God is truly amazing, and by having faith, you can really see things happen in your life. My life verse is “I will walk by faith, even when I can not see.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

So that is what 2016 taught me and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.


Question of the week:

What is one thing 2016 taught you? Share in the comments below, and if you liked this, comment, share and follow to know when I post.  Have a great week and New Years 🙂

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How to meditate

“People meditate to solve problems, people meditate to find closure, people meditate to fulfill their spiritual practice, but I meditate… so I can help find myself, so I can learn to love to be still and silent, so I can embrace my fears and overcome my worries… so I can become a better version of me, starting from the inside and going out.” Written by me (Marvina)


What is meditation?

According to Cambridge dictionary, meditation is: “the act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed.” (University, 2016)

In my opinion, meditation is a state of being; being one with the present moment.  For me, I use meditation to feel closer to the Lord.  Meditation to me is a form of prayer, because you are sitting silent and just being in the present…if you can learn to be in the present… then you can learn to really see what you are supposed to see.  So how do you meditate?

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The 2 main steps to meditation

    1) The first step in meditation is being comfortable in (being.)

It seems like such a broad statement, but you have to be comfortable just being silent, especially if your mind is wondering or cluttered. You need to be comfortable just silencing your thoughts and letting your mind become at ease and at peace.

    2) The second step is making the choice to do it. 

You have to make the choice to do it.  Anyone can meditate and you can meditate in many different ways, for example: using crystals, sitting, journaling, taking a walk and more, but you have to make the choice.  Meditation is a practice. You won’t understand it over night, and you won’t get these (ah ha) moment over night either, but through time, you will learn more about yourself and be able to be ok just being.  So then how do you start it?

So how do I do it?

You can meditate different ways as I’ve said above:

    *You can take a walk and just listen to nature, pray or think

    *You can sit quietly and journal whatever comes to mind

     *You can use crystals

    *Or you can sit in a spot with your legs crossed, and close your eyes and while you do all this…breathe slowly in an out and just be present. Don’t think of what someone else is doing, don’t think about what you have to do that day, just sit there in peace…but be in the moment. 

      * Some people like to use a guided meditation which really helps if you are beginner.  You can find those all over… from your library to youtube.

How I meditate

The way that I meditate, is: I have a chair in my office, and I put on instrumental, very quiet, serene music like the ocean or nature or just some soft music without lyrics, I sit with my legs crossed in a way I feel comfortable, I close my eyes and I just breathe in and out… slowly.  Sometimes I even journal while I meditate which can help too, but open your eyes to do this.  This for me helps because I can really focus on quieting my mind in order to be at peace.  There are verses in the bible that talk about hearing the lord in silence (Let him sit alone in silence, for the Lord has laid it on him. Lamentations 3:28, Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God,) and many more.

I’m sure there are other versions of hearing the spirit or whatever you believe in, if you sit in silence.  But just be in the moment and focus on yourself.  You will be surprised at how calm and peaceful your mind can be once you let it relax and stop thinking of all the million things that are going on in your head.  I find when I meditate, I have a better day, because I’m letting my mind be at peace. 


Question of the week:

Have you ever meditated? If so…what is your favorite way? Share with us your answers in the comment section below…I look forward to learning how you meditate and if you don’t…will you start?  Have an amazing day and rest of the week.dark-pink-heart



University, C. (2016). Meditation. Retrieved December 22, 2016, from dictionary cambridge:

What I believe as far as my spiritual practice

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  I’m sitting at my computer right now, with a candle burning, and thought that I would do a post that people have been asking me to do.

 Disclaimer: This is what I believe..I respect all beliefs and I don’t want any negative comments on here.  If there are negative comments, I will delete them because my blog is to encourage people, not to spread negativity around.  Thank you.

So if you would like to know more…keep reading……


As some of you may know, this year I took myself on a self awareness/self reflection journey.  It has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue it into the year of 2017.  In this time, I have learned a lot about myself, and one of them is about religion.  Now I am a Christian, I have been my whole life etc. I’m currently 27  and just this year 2016, I have realized what I really believe in. This is what I believe…my own personal belief, not taken from my parents or friends….just me.  One thing I have realized is that I’m more spiritual and faith based than religious.  And you might ask: ok what does that mean?  

Well, I believe in God, I believe he had a son who came to this earth and died on the cross for our sins.  I believe we all are sinners  and that our sins can be taken away by repenting and asking God for forgiveness. But going off from that, I also believe that faith has a huge part in believing that there is a God or a high power…however it is that  you choose to think of it.  One of my life verses is 2 Corinthians 5:7 which says “I will walk by faith, even when I can not see.”  This verse has meant so much to me and has played a huge part in my life as I have gotten older. I have gone through so much where I have needed faith in order to get through it.  I’ve needed to believe that God has a bigger plan for whatever has happened.  When I feel I have no idea what to do, I turn to God, and I turn to faith…I remember that faith can move mountains…Matthew 17:20 basically says “that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, then you will tell this mountain to move, and it will move.”  In this specific verse, Jesus was trying to get the people to understand that you need to have faith in order to really believe that something can happen.  “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37.  So for me, I really believe that faith can truly make a huge difference in your life.  I’ve noticed it so much in my life, and that is the core of my belief. So then you might add…ok well what do you mean by spiritual?

I do yoga, and I practice meditation.  No where in the bible, as far as I know…it talks about yoga or meditation.  For me, yoga and meditation are a way to really focus into mindfulness

refer to: (

 I have really bad anxiety especially driving, so for me it helps to calm my mind and my body so that I can do what I need to do for that day.  So all of this goes together for me because, I’m nurturing my soul with my faith in God, i’m nurturing my mind by practicing meditation and i’m nurturing my body by practicing yoga.  This for me is a spiritual practice; I do this most days…I work nights so I do this once I get home and settled…so I get up/home and get coffee, do my devotions, and prayer for that day to nurture my soul, I then meditate to nurture my mind and I then do a 5-10 minute yoga flow to nurture my body. So this my spiritual practice and what I believe.

If you like this, comment, share and follow…and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this.  I respect all beliefs, so if you belief something different, it’s ok with me…you do you 🙂  

I encourage you all to explore what you believe whether that be in crystals or reincarnation or God or whatever…explore for yourself…by yourself…not for others or because of what someone else believes or because of the way you were brought up.  You are an individual and you are allowed to believe or practice whatever you feel comfortable with…and that I feel is so beautiful and precious about religion or spirituality…there’s no right or wrong way…there’s just you and your belief and what you need to nurture your soul, mind and body.  No one can take that away from you no matter how hard they try.


In a Rut…Lets get you OUT!

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  Hope you all are doing well on this gorgeous day wherever you are in the world.  Where I live, there is snow on the ground, so it’s pretty cold, but pretty.  We all get into ruts sometimes. We feel uninspired, we feel lost and just no motivation to do anything.  I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to feel that way and that there are ways to help you get out of that…so if you want to know how to get out of your rut…

                                                                 continue reading…..



Tip # 1: Change your perspective.

        -Sometimes we get in our head that we can only think one way.  That we shouldn’t have an opinion, that life should be black and white.  So not true!  Changing the way you think about things, having a different opinion than you used or even forming some sort of spiritual ritual can help you see things in a different light.  Life is not black and white and it can take time to see that, but by changing the way you view things, it can help you understand everything so much better.

Tip # 2: Change your space

        -This is self explanatory but go change your environment.  Go shopping and pick out new pillows, furniture or just really small decorative items to make the space feel different.  Rearrange the furniture and have a special spot where it’s just yours.  Whatever you do, change it and see how much of a difference that can make.

Tip # 3: Be honest with yourself

        -This is a hard one and one you may not want to do, but is necessary.  If you are in a rut, write down and figure what happened to the fire in you.  Did you get out of a bad relationship, are their personal things in your life that are just dragging your mood down, do you feel you never have time for yourself, etc.  Really think about it and then come up with solutions on what you can do to fix it.  If you do this, I promise you, it will make a world of difference in your every day life.

Tip # 4: Stop thinking and start doing

        -Don’t think so much about what it is you want to do.  Just go out and do it.  If you want to write an ebook or a short story, don’t wait for others to tell you to do it, just do it.  If you want to go for your dream job, go for it.  You don’t need to wait for people to tell you to do something that you want to do.  If you do that, you will never do it, and you will have regrets later.

Tip # 5: Get inspired

        -Ok so personal story, I have been trying to figure out how to take better photos.  I found this amazing app, tried it and I love it.  It inspired me to take photos and hopefully be able to upload them on to here.  So go adventuring and get inspired.  Get your fire back and you will feel happier.

Tip # 6: Never Give UP!

        -No matter what you do to get out of your rut, never give up.  You will get out of it if you put the work into it and it’s important to you.  Never let others bring you down and tell you that you can’t do something…because they are wrong!


Question of the day:

If you try any of these let me know if they have worked. the comments below, what are ways that you get out of your Ruts?  Til next time 🙂


4 Tips on making and reaching a healthy lifestyle for 2017


Hey everyone so today’s post is all about making and reaching a healthy lifestyle for 2017.  Many of us set new years resolutions each year, but how many of us actually follow them?  Not many I’m sure…if you are like me, I set them thinking and hoping that I will have time for them or make time for them and I stick with them for a week or so and then I forget or get busy or well life hits me right in the butt and I lose my balance and my focus and well that’s the end of those goals lol.  Well today I’m going to share 4 tips that can help if you are trying and striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Tip # 1: Good intentions don’t make good plans.

            -I know you may think that just by talking about it or saying that you want to be healthy will work…but it won’t.  So I highly suggest getting a planner or a dry erase board or your phone or whatever you have and write it down.  Be specific when you write it down because then you are more likely to do it.  When you write something down, you are seeing it, reading and therefore you are going to do it because  you want to cross it off.  So write it down and be specific.  I write mine on a dry erase board because once I get my workouts done for that day, I erase it so I know that I did it.  This has been so beneficial for me and I’m sure it will work for you.

Tip # 2: Recognize your strengths.

        -Understand that you don’t have to work out in the morning.  I’m not sure who came up with that rule or logic but you workout whenever you feel is best for you.  Because I work nights, I work out in the morning…but if you feel more comfortable working out at night then do that.  I also workout in my office on my yoga mat to some music, but if you feel more motivated and more confident by working out in the gym…do that.  Do whatever you feel is better for you and will make you feel the most motivated and confident  in yourself.  No one else but you needs to see the change that you are making.

Tip # 3:  You can’t do it all!

         -You can not do it all.  It’s ok if you miss a workout or if you miss a healthy meal that day.  The important thing is that you feel good and you make time for it.  You need time for yourself, and it’s ok to allow yourself to take care of YOU and to do other things than workout.  Life isn’t about who can be the skinniest or the fittest, it’s about loving who you are inside and out.

Tip # 4: Understand the WHY but don’t focus so much on the MIRROR!

       -Why are you trying to get fit? Why are you trying to lose weight? Why do you want to have a healthier lifestyle?  While thinking of these answers, understand that you are more than a reflection in a mirror.  You are beautiful and amazing and you can do whatever you want to do.  Look inside yourself and realize that the mirror is only an image that is not the real you.  It’s not the you that is happy, and intelligent, and beautiful…it’s just an image that can be changed.  But what can not be changed is the person you are on the inside.  The person that makes you wonderful. The person that makes you UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL!


I hope this inspires some of you and really gives some of you some ideas and realize that no matter what you do…you are beautiful :


I’m currently working on some new posts, and ideas that will be coming soon.  I’m also thinking of doing some sort of a self care challenge each month if anyone would be interested in that let me know in the comments below. I have some spiritual posts coming because I know that people have been asking for that and some DIY projects.  If you like my posts, please subscribe and share with others 🙂

Go out and change the world


Hello my sweet friends. Today I had a post already planned out and written, but the past couple of days, I have felt God telling me to speak about this.  Some of  you wanted to see more spiritual posts, and I will do more of them, but I really wanted to share this.

 Remember that even if you don’t like the way things are (example: the election results), we are not on this earth to judge. We are not on this earth to hate, or to make people feel lower than us. We are on this earth to be the hands and feet of God; to show the love that he has shown us countless times in our personal lives and in his word. We are his chosen people and he will fight our battles and bring us out of darkness. This world may be going bad, things may be hard but he is our protector, he fights our battles for us. We need to get out of our comfort zones, and go out and change someone’s life.  Even if all you do is say “hi,” or buy something for them or help them carry their bags, etc…that’s why we are here.

I have seen so many people upset about what has happened, but what are you doing about it?  How are you making a difference?  What are you doing that can help someone else or even help yourself or your family? So I encourage you… to go out and change the world 🌎inspire someone, encourage someone, help someone…send them an email saying how much you appreciate them, send them a facebook message saying hi or something that can make them smile today…but whatever you do…(Do everything in love.-1 Corinthians 16:14)… do it out of love ❤️for we are called to love not to hate. #lovenothate #inspire #encourage #1peter2:9

That’s all for today.

Question of the week:

What is one thing that you can do this week/ month that is encouraging, inspiring or helpful for someone else?  Let  me know in the comments below. 🙂


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Discovering your self…Enjoying the Journey

Our journey may begin when we are born…but individually…it begins when we realize that we are human. We make mistakes…and we learn from them, we cry with each heartbreak or painful thing…but we get stronger…we laugh because we are happy, we go down the wrong path…but eventually we find the right one…we change our minds a lot…until we don’t need to any longer…we love…so we can feel loved…we are on a journey on discovering who we are and who we want to be…our journey may begin when we are born…but it continues until we are happy and can say…I am who I want to be…the place where I’m at….is where I want to be…I’m happy with who I am and no one can make me think differently😀be happy…stay beautiful and true to yourself…be humble but insightful…be the best version of you that you can…enjoy the journey…because it’s yours…make your journey your masterpiece🏒🖌you-are-pic

Just some food for thought.  Since I began this self awareness journey at the beginning of this year, I’ve really  been realizing different things about myself and what I want to share with others.   Let me know if this inspired you or made you think about your own life and your own journey.  Til next time 🙂

P.S….In the comments below, let me know what you want me to talk about on this blog…it can be about anything from sex, to marriage, to being in your young adult years, to having children, to anything….I’m accepting topics and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into this blog because I want this blog to expand and be more than just a health blog. I want it to inspire people and to feel free to talk about anything without judgement.



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Try and find the lesson in the situation


Hello my sweet friends.  Today I wanted to talk about life and finding the lesson in it.  Sometimes we get so worked up or stressed over a certain situation, that we can’t look past the situation and realize that everything is going to be ok.  For me, it has been difficult because there are things in my life that are changing, and I am trying my hardest to balance it all out, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.  However something that I started doing
was taking about an hour or two in the morning to do something that makes me happy.  I’ve been listening to some sort of inspirational podcast, or video, and journaling in my gratitude journal.  I’ve realized that I need to take time in the morning to remember God and remember why I need to be present in the morning.  The lesson for me is that I need to be in the moment in order for me to feel calmer during the day.  Everything happens for a reason and sometimes when you don’t think it is, that is when you need to calm down and figure out what the lesson is that you are needing to learn.  Maybe you keep attracting the wrong guys in your life, or you keep getting the same result, but you are not changing anything…“well if you don’t figure out why you are  unhappy or you don’t change the problem, things are never going to change for you. “

So maybe you want to lose weight, but you keep eating junk food, or you refuse to get up 10 minutes early to exercise, well if you don’t change it, then how can you get the result you want?  So try and find the lesson in the situation, whether it’s a bad situation or a good situation…if you feel happier living alone, then maybe you need to think about living alone, or maybe you feel happier doing yoga each day, then maybe you need to incorporate that into your life…whatever it is, find the lesson and learn from it.  What I want you to get from this is to “try and focus on yourself and be selfish, because you are allowed to be.  You are allowed to make your life what you want, and if that’s the lesson that you need to learn, then awesome.  Give yourself 101% of your full attention and learn who you are and what you want out of life.  Learn the lessons in every situation; good or bad.”


Question of the day:

What is a lesson that you need to learn for yourself?