Have A Girls day Every Now And Again

Hello my beautiful people.  It has been a hot minute since I have blogged.  Work has had me busy, we got a kitten so she has been keeping us busy, we moved and my son is in kindergarten, so we have had a lot of things going on...I had wanted to do blogmas this year,... Continue Reading →


You Are A Force to Be Reckon With

People are going to tell you that you are nothing, that this dream of yours will never work, etc..but you can ignore them because you are AN AMAZING BADASS WOWAN! Hello my sweet sweet friends and welcome back to another Find Your Inner Self Series. Today's post is all about realizing that you are an... Continue Reading →

Get Strong With The Lord

Hello my beautiful people. This post was inspired by something that I felt last week, and I really wanted to write about it, to encourage all of you that when there is something on your heart, don't feel like you are a burden to God, to your family, friends,  or whoever. You are not a... Continue Reading →

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