7 Ways to Help You Stay Happy

We all have those times when we let other’s dictate our lives for us.  We all have those times when we go with what everyone else wants to do because it is what will make them happy…but what about what will make us happy.  Here are 7 Ways that have helped me strive to stay happy and not give people the control over my life.




  1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!   There are times when I think “Ok I wish I looked like her or I love her dress, wish I had that.”  But I shouldn’t do that because maybe what they have, they don’t really like, or maybe it might look horrible on me…so don’t compare yourself to others.  You are great the way you are.

  2. Have Your Own Style.  Create a style that you love and go with it.  Whether that’s wearing hippy clothes, or dresses all of the time, or like me; a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers…whatever your style is….create one and go with it.  If people hate it, who cares, it makes you happy and it’s who you are.

  3. Find A Bright Side to Every Situation.  Something that I love doing, is to try and find the bright side of things.  Even if I am scared out of my mind, I try to think of a bright side to it.  For example, lets say you get into a car accident…everyone is ok…but the car is totaled and you have a huge bill or something….ok well the bright side is that everyone is alright.  Yes you may have to pay for repairs for the car or get a new car, but you can’t replace people, so there’s a bright side to something.

  4. Have a Gratitude Journal.  Find something in each day or week to be grateful  for.  I’ve talked about this on my blog before, which I will leave a link for the post below.  There is always a rainbow after the rain…basically meaning that there is always something to be grateful for, even if your day has gone so wrong, you have had such a bad day…find the rainbow…

  5. Meditate, Pray, or have Quiet Time.  Ok so at my house, I have what I call “quiet time” for my toddler.  It’s a way for him to relax, take a nap or play quietly for an hour or so.  By doing this, I can have my time…same goes with adults.  You have to have those times where you have time to quiet your mind.  I love meditation, but I also love yoga and reading.  Which brings me to my next suggestion.

  6. Read. Reading is something I love and I hope that you grow to love it too.  Reading can be so enjoyable, educational and also peaceful.  I’ve recently read a really good book and I’m on another really good book, that I will eventually share…but the one I’m talking about in this one is “Note to Self.” I did a review on this book because it was so inspiring and just beautifully written, which I will leave the link to the post below if any of you want to check it out.  However, reading can really make you happy because you go to another place other than the place where you are at…plus it can help quiet your mind.

  7. Exercise.  Last but not least, exercise.  This is something that everyone talks about but that’s because it’s true.  Exercise, releases endorphins  which makes you happy.  You are getting all that stress out so that you can have peace in your mind and focus and be happier.  I’m not a doctor but you get the point.

Whatever you do…Do things that make you happy.  The more you do what makes you happy, the less time you will be spending thinking of things that make you stressed out or unhappy.  The more you do things that make you happy, the more you will enjoy your life and the people around you.


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Note to Self: 



5 Ways To Master Being Different

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  Have you ever felt like you just didn’t fit in?  Have you ever felt like the odd ball out but didn’t know why?  Have you ever thought about why you feel different?  These are some questions that I want to ask you because being different is a common thing these days.  Everyone is their own person, everyone has their own opinions and things that make them who they are…and you shouldn’t hide them; even if you don’t fit in with the “it” crowd.  As some of you may known, this month is PRIDE month and I think that being different has a lot to do with that.  Today I’m going to share 5 reasons on how you can be a master at being different.  Lets get started shall we?……

Clear (1)

  1.  Embrace your UNIQUENESS.   Being different means that you have your own unique style about you.  You may have something that makes you stand out among-st the crowd.  For me…I have big eyes…I guess you can say…but I feel they are the best part of me, because I love my eyes.

  2. Don’t pretend to be someone else!  You may want to be someone else because they are popular, or good looking or good at something.  You may even change the way you dress, the foods you eat, etc…because you want to be this person; but what will happen when you lose yourself?  What will happen when your friends start noticing you are acting different?  What happens if you lose all your friends in the process of trying to be someone you are not?  Will you be happy?  Probably not, so don’t try to be someone else because who  you are is who God made you to be.  If people don’t accept you for who you are, then they are not worth keeping in your life.

  3.  Have an OPENED MIND.  When you have an opened mind, more people are willing to be friends with you.

  4. Learn courage.  Everyone wants to be strong.  You want to feel like you can conquer the world.  Well you can because being different teaches you that you have to have courage.  You have to be brave enough to not want to fit in but to stand out.

  5.  Remember, you bring a little something-something to the world.  By being different, you bring a bit of sparkle and life to the world.  This world would be boring if everyone was the same.  Everyone would be predictable and then what would be the point of having all the different races, sexes, etc?


Think about what YOU want

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  Hope you are having a great weekend….mine is spent sick and packing for our trip to Disneyland this coming week.  So today’s topic has to do with YOU. As some of you may know I just read a book called Note to Self and it was amazing. Because that book was so amazing, I’ve decided to try and base my posts around that book with some of my own thoughts and ideas…so here we go.





How many of you think about what you want?  How many moms out there think about what you want?  When you become a parent, it becomes all about  your kids and I know because I am a mom.  When you live with your parents, it is usually not about you.  When you are with your significant other, you can’t always think about what you want…however that should change.



Thinking about what YOU want is important to your everyday mental state.  You need to make sure that you put yourself first sometimes.  It’s not a selfish thing to think about YOU sometimes.  For example…lets say you want to be an artist, but your parents really want you to be a doctor…what do YOU want?  You can’t always put your parent’s thoughts first, you will eventually have to decide for yourself what you want out of life, in a relationship, what type of person you want to be with, etc…You just need to and there is nothing wrong with that.  Knowing what you want, is what can really make you happy.



So that is all for today’s post.  I hope that someone got something out of this and you just remember that it is ok to put yourself first sometimes.



Question for the weekend:

Have you ever put yourself first…if so when was it…how did it feel?

Best Book I Have Ever Read!

Hello my sweet sweet friends.  So I have to share this book with you that I recently read and I’m sure a lot of you will love it.  I recently read the book “Note to self, by Connor Franta.”  It was an amazing book and I totally recommend it to everyone.  So I’m going to do a quick review of the book, and then I will share why I’m putting this on my blog…Alright,  so lets get into it….




First of all this book was written beautifully…I could not believe how much emotion was in this.  Basically, for anyone who hasn’t heard of this book, it’s about this 24 year old young man, who is gay, who basically shares his diary or journal with the world.  In this book you will find poetry that he’s written, photos which are breath taking and through everything, you see who he really is. I can’t really express enough how amazing this book was. I read it in about 2-3 days, its got about 308 pages, but it’s so worth it.  So why am I putting this on my blog?


This book has a lot in it.  It has diversity, it has sexual orientation, it’s got mental illness…it’s got a lot and to be honest, it’s all really relateable…especially to our generation…I’m 27 going on 28 years old and a lot of what he talked about I could relate…I felt like I was living his life with him; which might sound weird but it’s true.  I almost cried through this book because he talks about things that are relevant in today’s generation… like depression…and how he got through it.  So if you are into books like this.. where basically someone is sharing their life, I recommend you pick it up, go check it out…it’s just beautiful.  You can get it off amazon, the bookstore…just go pick it up…you won’t regret it.


This all being said…May was Mental Health Awareness Month and June is LGBT Pride Month and because of that…I want to talk about some things that I feel are not talked about.  This book inspired me so much and I can’t wait to start writing the blog posts that I have planned dealing with these types issues and more.  Stay tuned for all of those posts.


Ok, hope you all had an amazing week and that you all have an amazing weekend.  


Connor Franta also has a Youtube channel if you want to check him out that way as well.

All About You

Hey everyone..so this will be really short….Just to let you all know…that 1: I will be posting…just been super busy…my toddler will be out of school in a week or two…I’m starting to potty train him…I’ve been working insane hours because I work with disability adults so I’ve been working every time they ask me to work and also we are in the process of decluttering our entire apartment, so I’ve had my hands full…and this is the third day without sleep…so sorry for the lack of posts, as soon as I balance things out…it will all be back to normal.


Take a Break (1)

Also…for today’s post….I would appreciate it if any of you could do three things for me:


In comments

  1. Tell me one thing how my blog posts have helped you…if they have?

  2. Tell me one topic you would want to see me talk about on this blog.

  3. If I were to write an e book about self reflection, self awareness and being mindful…having going through this process myself…would anyone be interested in reading it?  This is one question you don’t have to answer if you don’t want too…just getting some ideas down in my head.

I love you all so much….thank you for your support…and can’t wait to write more posts soon!!!! 🙂

Take Time To Be Grateful

Hi everyone and welcome back to another post.  How many of you take time to be grateful?  How many of you thank the universe, God, anyone… that you are still on this earth, that the grass is green, or that your children are healthy, etc?  Well, this is something I never used to do, until recently.  

Sometimes I forget to be grateful for different things.  I get so worked up in being perfect, or having everything be perfect, that I miss the fact that there are a lot of things to be grateful for.  Something that I have recently started is a prayer/gratitude journal.  This has helped so much in making sure that I appreciate the people in my life, the things I do, the places I see, the journey that God has put me on, and more. So how do I do this?


How do I do this:

First I take out my devotional (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) and I read the day’s passage.  I then take out my journal and I put the day up at the top,  and write my prayer to God.  I normally start off with “Dear God” and write; but that is a different topic…anyway on the back of the page, I take a sticky note and I write :Today I’m grateful for:  I write 1-3 things that I am grateful for that day.  This could be what happened the day before, what happened that night, the sky being blue, my child’s health…pretty much anything.  Why do I do this?

Why I do this:

Often times I feel we forget about things in our life.  We get caught up in family, friends, work, school, parenting, etc, that we forget about the things that we should be grateful for.  We should be thankful that we are alive or that we have a bed.  Writing down what I’m grateful for puts my mind into perspective that not everyone is as blessed as I am, that there are worse things out there then losing a friend, or having someone die, or failing that college exam that could get us in to a specific graduate school.  And I think we lose sight of it, so by writing what we are grateful for, we are being grounded and forced to see the good in any situation, whether bad or good; and I think that it’s amazing when you can see that.

Challenge for everyone:

So I want to challenge you all to find atleast 1 thing in each day  or each week that you can be grateful for and write it down…appreciate it and remember that there is always someone in the world who is going through something so much worse than you…there are always people who are not as fortunate as you are.

Ok that is all for today…hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

It’s ok to take a break and breathe

Hello everyone…long time…I’ve missed you all!! So as some of you may know I took a break and I’m so happy I did.  I just really needed time to myself without blogging…I needed to focus on my family and friends and I’m glad I did.  So that is what today’s topic is going to be about because I feel alot of people are doing this, and some people are just making a fuss about it.  Ok here we go….


Take a Break


It’s ok to take a break and breathe.  I know some people feel like once you start something, you have to continue it everyday….but that is not true.  If you need a break from something to focus on yourself or whatever it is….take it.  Also for everyone who has understood why I took a break, thank you so much….I feel like the people who read my blog are really sincere amazing people and I love you all so much 🙂  Taking a break from something does not mean that you are weak, or stupid or anything like that, it just means that you need a break.  You need to take that time for yourself and that is ok.  In my opinion, I feel that it’s so important to take the time for yourself, and if what you are doing is just not making you happy, then you need to take that break and breathe. Just think about oceans…you know they have those waves that crash against the rocks, but then they take a break, and the ocean is calm and refreshing…that’s what our minds need to be like.

Ok so… Guys you have no idea how much I wanted to blog, but couldn’t because my mind needed that time to breathe and think and relax…but I am back now…inspired and just ready to create some great content for you all.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is “becoming a life coach.”  I have my bachelors in Psychology and my masters in health care administration, but through this blog, I’ve realized I love helping others and motivating others to live the life they want and deserve by first taking care of themselves and finding out who they are so that they can live that amazing life.  I’m not sure how to go about that, because I know that you have to get a certification…(correct me if I’m wrong, if anyone knows anything about this.)…I might also take my blog posts and make youtube videos with them as well, just to try it out. So that is it for now…I’ve also been decluttering so much that I’m in love with decluttering LOL.

Hope you all have an amazing day and weekend…and that your life is filled with beauty, hope and encouragement 🙂